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  • My Pilates class have kept my spine in check and have not had to have the epidural spinal injection…praise the Lord….

  • Pilates always makes me happy!

  • I chose to get back to my Pilates practice because I took a class once and remembered it was very challenging. I needed a challenge- I was so tired of every thing else out there. I have gained so much from Pilates. First, I feel like I've joined a very welcoming, active community at Absolute Pilates. I've certainly gained physical strength, but I've also gained an immeasurable amount of confidence. I have learned that I can do things with mind and body, that I never thought I could, since the birth of my son. I feel mentally and physically stronger than I have in years. This is why I choose to spend an hour commuting 3-4 days per week, to Absolute Pilates. Allison has enabled me to feel the best and BE the best I have in years. My favorite part of each session is the middle, when I have a pace working and I feel capable of anything. I feel "in the zone." I have many favorite exercises, including the Parakeet (Tower), the Teasers, and the Diver's Lunge (which is really hard for me). I honestly don't have a least favorite exercise. I know my mind and body gains from them all, as a whole. By the way, I HAVE noticed a total transformation in my body since I began. I am stronger, have more stamina and energy, and feel more relaxed in general. Physically, I see more muscle tone and notice I can lift more and be more flexible than before. I love it!

  • I had heard great things about Pilates and decided to give Pilates a try. After less than two months of sessions I had a issue with my foot and ended up in a walking boot for almost two months. Pilates was great during this time because it let me use the rest of my body. I was feeling stiff and in pain from getting around with the crunches and the walking boot. Pilates was then able to help with my rehab back to full strength. Allison's motivation was great to keep me moving forward.

  • When I found out that I was pregnant with my second child, I went on a search for a way to stay active. I wanted to find something that I could enjoy and continue afterwards, too. I have done yoga but with my first child have found that prenatal yoga classes tend not to push me as much as my typical yoga practice would. When I started searching beyond yoga, I found that Absolute Pilates had a pre- and post-natal class. I had never even considered Pilates during pregnancy and was very interested in the challenge. My pregnancy, of course, hit a snag so I had to take a break and have recently returned with my baby to the post-natal class. One of my close friends had recommended Pilates as she's found that it has made more of an impact than any of her other workouts. Since starting back up again, I am so grateful that I found this class. It is probably the only real 'me' thing I'm doing right now with an infant and preschooler. I am very lucky that this class allows me to bring my baby, and incorporates her whenever possible. Having a baby makes Pilates classes a little unpredictable, as you can imagine. Sometimes, she naps through the class and sometimes she wants to be held. The flexibility and understanding of the teachers to get us through a complete workout with babies is so appreciated. I know that I am not in shape yet. I usually feel terribly self-conscious about being out of shape or not being able to keep up with the other people in the class, which then leads me to avoiding exercise. That has never once happened in these classes. Everyone is very motivating and encouraging. I have found a place that can help me get into shape with my daughter. I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight around 2 1/2 months after my baby was born and now am working on strengthening and toning. I've even incorporated Allison's recommendations at home so that I can keep making progress when I'm not there. My arms have always been the weakest part and the last exercise I'd like to do. Since starting, though, I've found that I can do arm exercises at home much more easily. I look forward to the leg exercises on the reformer. This has been a great way to do something for me after having my daughter!

    Jenn c
  • I love working out on the Pilates chair. I feel it targets all of my trouble spots in the best way and I can see my legs are looking leaner. Lisa Dillsburg, PA I love every part of Pilates class. Each lesson and piece of equipment is different, I enjoy not knowing what we will try next. My favorite exercise is probably the obliques on the ladder barrel, or divers lift on the chair, but it changes day to day. Least favorite exercise teaser on the reformer! I will get this one down someday.

  • When I started Pilates I had a nagging back issue and side effects from MS. After my first two session my back was feeling considerably better. Then after three weeks I went to a movie with my husband and I was able for the first time in a long time to sit through the whole movie comfortably without having to stand in the back for the second half.  

  • After my first month of Pilates I noticed my clothes were hanging better and the front of my pants were flatter.  

  • After just over 20 session I could see a clear change in her waist. To complement those results I was at a concert a few weeks back and I noticed as I was clapping over my head that my arms are more tone these days. There is some truth to the Joe Pilates Quote that in ten sessions you will see the difference, in twenty session you can feel the difference, and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.

    Suzanne B
  • Allison’s equipment is top-notch and so is her enthusiasm for the practice of Pilates. After practicing in 3 other large studios over the last 3 years, I could not believe the value in the private lessons offered here. You cannot compare a “Pilates” class in a gym with dozens of other students and an instructor who learned from a video to receiving the personal attention and feedback from a trained instructor. She creates a no-pressure environment but still pushes you to learn the exercises the right way. The hour long session really flies by!
    Kathryn S
  • I love that I have been able to do Pilates with my teenage daughter. It gives us something healthy and active to do together. My daughter feels that it has helped her soccer play as well.

    Kim R
  • I had persistent back pain until I started Pilates. My Pilates session have helped release and strengthen my back. I leave my sessions feeling good. What I really notice which may sound strange is a feeling of energy in my back.  

  • After working with Allison I woke up one morning and went to put on my skinny jeans only to realize that it was time to get a new pair of skinny jeans. Just the month before I bought these and they were so tight i had squeeze and suck my way in to them.

    Danielle D Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Absolute Pilates has been a great help toward helping me achieve my fitness goals.  I learn something new every time I have a lesson. Allison is great at explaining the exercises and also at showing what they look like for people like me who are visual learners. I went into Pilates thinking how hard can this be? The mat videos I had seen did not look all that hard. I did not know that there were pieces of equipment involved (chair, reformer and cadillac). After I had my first chair class I thought… this is different than I thought it would be I am going to stick with it to see what it will do for me. I have been taking lessons for almost a year I have noticed a difference in my back and stomach. My posture has improved.  I have not had back pain as often since starting Pilates.  It is great for anyone that has back issues and I would recommend it.

    Shelly M
  • My workout with Allison left me feeling relaxed, yet energized. I was probably energized knowing I just helped put my tush back up where its supposed to be! After 3 kids, Pilates put me back into a wardrobe I hadn’t seen in years. It was like shopping in my closet! Deanna F Harrisburg, PA

    Deanna F
  • Pilates has helped me learn to keep my shoulders away from ears and pull my core in giving me good posture. This all helped me prevent neck pain and frequent headaches.

    Ann  Bolling Springs, PA
  • Allison is an experienced Pilates instructor who created a Pilates routine for me that was mindful of my changing medical conditions.

    Stacey M Harrisburg, PA
  • After my first month of Pilates I was able to shovel snow from the 30 plus inches we had on the ground with no back pain. Diane Mechanicsburg, PA

  • “I felt better about myself and had the urge to start exercising more”

    My size 6 bridesmaid dress finally arrived.  I slipped it over my head, zipped the back, and walked out of the room to show my mother and sister.  The horror struck look on their faces said it all until, in unison, they both said, “Just lose five pounds.” I’ve always been athletic but haven’t made it a priority since high school, and now that I work full time it’s just an after thought.  Allison told me about the Joe Pilates quote, “In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, in thirty sessions you will have a whole new body.” I want to give Pilates a try. I realized that I felt better about myself and had the urge to start exercising more in three sessions. In seven sessions I notice a new muscle in my arm. I think I have a new Pilates quote going here. I felt good from the inside out for my sisters wedding!

    Emily T Harrisburg, PA
  • “Helped me lose those last inches”  Pilates helped me lose those last inches for my wedding day, and my shoulders and back would have never looked so good in my white strapless gown without Pilates. It was great to also have the scheduled time away from hectic wedding planning to exercise, time just for me! The added bonus was my husband enjoyed the results and wanted me to do more Pilates sessions. I continue to take lessons twice a week.

    Stacy N Mechanicsburg, PA